Writing on Trains.

Back in the old days people rode trains with big cabins. There were hold-ups and robberies and big hats and suspenders.

In those days, maybe you could carry your ink jar with you, placed precariously on the table in your cabin, perhaps you could keep it from spilling on the page while you scribbled.

Last week, I rode the Acela Express from Boston. People sat with laptops and pounded away at their keyboards. Maybe they were writing the next great novel or some important paper. There were paragraphs and pages.

I snapped a photo and sent a tweet. My iPhone worked perfectly for that.

I’m sitting backwards-facing on a packed commuter train from NYC to Connecticut.

We’re stopped on the way and it is snowing — in March.

There’s noting Meerkat worthy to share via video, but maybe there are some ideas that could take more than a tweet to articulate.

I could “storm” them, but that doesn’t feel quite right. It isn’t as comfortable.

Instead, there now exists a beautiful app to write about this feeling of being on the edge of something new.

How it feels like being in between nowhere and somewhere in the depth of uncertain possibility. How it is both overwhelming and exciting. Exhilarating and exhausting. Inspiring and terrifying.

I can write these words comfortably without disturbing those around me and I can share them with you.

We live in an increasingly magical time. Where supercomputers in our pockets connect us to one another and the world.

We live in an era where beautiful experiences of sharing and connecting travel with us — even on packed trains.

And it only gets better from here.