App Engine firewall support has been around for over a year now. It provides basic whitelist/blacklist functionality for IPv4 and IPv6 IP ranges in CIDR notation. There are many reasons why you might want to control access to your App Engine hosted application via a whitelist. However, this limited functionality becomes problematic when you want to allow access from your other applications running in App Engine across different GCP projects. This is because App Engine does not support static IP addresses. …


Instead of installing and running both the Jenkins master and build agents on a single server, it’s common to execute build agents on different servers to help distribute workloads. A project our team is working on is being hosted in Google Cloud (GCP). So, although not required, it made sense to install Jenkins in GCP as well. I wrote another article outlining our CI/CD process, but did not go into any detail on the infrastructure behind our Jenkins environment.

At first we ran Jenkins on a single VM using the Bitnami image. This was a great start for our team…

Full CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins, Octopus and Google Cloud


Our team was looking for a solution to easily view and manage deployments across our different development environments. We set up different GCP projects for each environment with each project hosting its own Cloud SQL instance, Cloud Storage buckets and App Engine services.

Very early on, we decided to use Jenkins for Continuous Integration. We chose to abide by the GitFlow branching and release model as much as possible so it was important for us to use a CI tool that we didn’t have to constantly reconfigure to work with newly…

Dave Arlin

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