Bits vs. Atoms: A Conversation About Developing Hardware vs. Software

ProductCamp 2017 is this Saturday and there are only a few tickets left! To get you psyched up, here’s a session proposal from Tomiko Peirano and myself. We hope to see you there!

Bits vs. Atoms: A Conversation About Developing Hardware vs. Software

It’s easier to control bits than atoms — that’s why hardware development will always be different from that of software. However, recent technologies and frameworks such as 3D printing and agile principles are changing the way hardware is developed. Join Dave from Fractal (a hardware development agency) and Tomiko from Centresource (a software product management firm) as they explore these differences and talk about how the landscape will change for both in the years to come.

(Format: Roundtable)


Tomiko Peirano is an enthusiastic business developer and “product whisperer” at Centresource, helping people build the right piece of software the first time and bridging the gap between leadership and engineering to make sure no tech or business decisions are made in a vacuum.

Dave Seeman a mechanical engineer and co-owner of the product design firm Fractal Hardware, where Dave helps people turn their ideas into manufacturable products through design, prototyping, and engineering.