Why Nashville’s a Nice Place to Build a Business

A business lesson from a destination bachelorette party

Nashville’s a nice place

I sat down at a coffee shop this morning next to a table of women, one of whom was wearing a bridal veil. The phenomenon of the destination bachelorette fascinates me, so I got up and talked to them about it.

“Why Nashville?” I asked genuinely. Not surprisingly their response was because it’s a fun town. They were from New York, so I pushed back “Can’t you have fun in New York of all places?” I love what followed.

“Yea, but everyone is so nice here!”

That was their takeaway — everyone is nice here. I grew up in this area, and I can testify that wherever I travel I’m reminded of how kind folks are in Nashville and Tennessee in general. And I think that’s a huge part of why our city is growing like crazy.

As a business owner, I’m incredibly grateful to be in a growing city, and to do my little part to contribute. And I’m grateful that nice is the norm. I’ve had my experiences with not-so-nice people, and I just don’t have any tolerance for it. Life is too short. I want to build a vibrant business in Nashville, by being nice.

So as we continue to grow as a city, let’s remember that sometimes overlooked quality that makes Nashville a great place.