Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

I like where you started with these thoughts. I have to say though that Facebook, as well-intentioned and designed as it is, can’t take the place of meaningful conversation with those outside of our small circle of friends who are just like us. As you mention, Facebook enables the isolation and fragmentation of people groups. I don’t believe that was ever its intention, but a medium where you can disagree with someone in a manner you’d never dream of doing face to face doesn’t promote unity or constructive conversations. We can be “friends” with and communicate with those that are like us and be content and smug, but oh so out of touch with actual reality. Until we as a collective people group decide it’s worth paying attention to, listening to, and giving value to all sides, Facebook will just continue to be the place we go to avoid those we don’t understand or that have different beliefs than we do. This isn’t a Facebook problem. It’s not Mark’s problem to fix. It’s a people problem. My goodness. You can do it Susan. You (and all of us) have real neighbors and people near you that don’t want to be balkanized. Open your eyes and heart and see if those conversations don’t influence your views and actions. The future of the nation depends on it.

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