Waiting is fine I suppose.

They say waiting around for something to come along is fine, but how long are you supposed to wait? Is it a day? A week? A month? Or a year?

I used to have this thing where I would sit outside for a while and just wait for some sort of sign to appear. I still do it now and days; mostly to get my thoughts sorted or just let my mind wander. But there was never any sign or revelation. I kind of just stood there.

On a side note, If you’re looking for some exciting story, some fascinating journal, or anything else for that matter, I’m sure this thing has much more to offer your attention to. I’m mostly going to just ramble on here about where I am, what I’ve done, and where I think I’m headed. So the thoughts will be scattered and jumbled all over. Forgive me, it makes sense to me when I read it.

Anyways, waiting. Waiting is for the patient. However, one doesn’t tell you that the virtue of patience, depends on the sitution you are in. Take for example, a meal. Whether you or someone else has cooked it, you sit and wait for the meal to be finished and then serve yourself. Patience isn’t necessarily stressed here. Now, if it were something you desired, whether it be a certain book you fancy, a music album your ordered, or a person even…then patience begins to wear thin.

It’s hard to wait for something you desire; especially if it deals with you emotionally. You wait long enough and you wonder if its even meant for you. And yet, everyone else tells you to wait. They say “all in good time” or “you’ll get there someday”. Its both comforting and annoying; two contradictions that play in the mind and fight each other until reason decides to favor one over the other.

Reason is the end, is always right when she chooses. She never wavers and will bluntly tell you as it should be. Whether you choose to follow her counsel is of your own will; she cares not. However, she will speak her mind and give you many reasons as to why you shouldn’t side against her.

…Most of the time I follow her rules…its just so damn irritating to hear her logic constantly though. But in the end, she means well. So, if she tells me to wait, I wait…but there is only so much waiting a man can do before he goes mad.