GPO AGM 2017: Directives and Constitution Resolutions

I’m not at the GPO convention this weekend as Saturday was my little guy’s first birthday. However, if I were at the convention, I would encourage GPO members to vote the following ways on the following motions.

Constitutional Motions

AGM17C01: Young Greens Representation

Seems like an OK idea but I would yellow card and push for the following changes:
- Where the resolution changes 8.2.3, rather than electing them every year, I would choose one on odd years and the second one on even years with two-year terms so that we keep some institutional memory.
- Where the resolution adds 7.1 f, I would replace the reference to the GPC with a general reference to other Green Parties in Canada because cooperation between provincial parties is also necessary.

AGM17C02: Representation of Regions in Proxy Voting

This resolution’s title seems misleading to me. Also if you want proxies, create a CA. Red Card!

AGM17C03: Limiting Proxy Votes to One Per Delegate

Terrible idea, our proxy system provides members who are dedicated to the party and have built relationships over time with proportional influence, and it is one of the ways we avoid the single-issue take-overs (such as BDS and the GPC). Red Card!


AGM17D01: Creation of an Official Members’ Discussion Forum

Terrible idea and the reference to the GPC candidate Facebook group makes it worse. Candidates largely used the GPC Facebook group to complain together rather than campaigning for votes. I defer to Amy Poehler:

“The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing.” 
― Amy Poehler, Yes Please

Also, this will consume a lot of staff time to set up and manage. Red Card!

AGM17D02: Webinar Debates in Provincial Executive Elections

This directive might sound like a good idea, but if we are to be a professional party, we can’t have individual members submitting resolutions that dedicated significant amounts of staff resources. Red Card!