CoinMarketCap Partners with Flipside Crypto to Distribute Project Health Scores

MarketWatch, TheStreet and StockTwits have also listed FCAS, the Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, across cryptocurrency pages.

On January 29, 2019, Apple released financial results from the last quarter of 2018.

They noted that their installed base of devices had reached an all-time high of 1.4 billion, and that while iPhone’s sales had declined 15 percent from the prior year, all other product and services revenue had grown 19 percent.

Net, they expressed to investors clarity about their ability to deliver products and resulting customer activity.

Every single public company is required to produce similar data. Customer Activity and Product Delivery the foundation on which sophisticated investors can make decisions about the viability of the company.

So, if cryptocurrency is an asset class, why has it been so hard to get this type of ground-truth information about crypto projects?

The answer is obvious: whether a crypto organization ICO’d or sold equity, it has no requirements to “report” its customer activity or sales or other product initiatives.

Which puts investors at a great disadvantage. While there is access to price data and candlesticks and market cap, there’s still a huge void in the ability to understand the project itself. There is a thirst to answer foundational questions: can this crypto project produce product people want to use, and are people using it.

Flipside Crypto has been tracking FCAS (Fundamental Crypto Asset Score) since early 2017 and now provides data on more than 450 projects.

The FCAS scoring system — rating crypto assets on a 1,000 point scale and with a letter grade — largely ignores price movements, instead tracking actual customer activity and developer behavior and simplifying it into a score any investor, researcher or analyst can use to understand crypto project health.

FCAS isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a rating system investors need, and arguably one that’s required for the entire crypto industry to transition into a sophisticated, understood asset class.

Which is why we’re excited to announce that CoinMarketCap — one the world’s most trusted and accurate source of price and market cap data for crypto currencies — has begun listing FCAS on all of its crypto detail pages.

This follows financial publishers MarketWatch, TheStreet and Stocktwits, which began distributing FCAS in Q1 2019.


These cryptocurrency listings will bring FCAS — crypto project health tracking — to millions of customers. It’s a new era for crypto data.

We couldn’t be happier to partner with CoinMarketCap, MarketWatch, TheStreet and Stocktwits to provide sophisticated fundamental health data to the market.

Maybe more importantly, we’re looking forward to the day when a crypto project has its own 1.4 billion installed user base.

Better watch out, Apple!