Immersion VS Maintenance — Screw Balance

I feel this is a critical subject if you want to be a high performer at everything you do in life.

Fuck Balance. If you want to be a great artist, businessman or even a great parent you need to immerse yourself in those subjects when the time is right.

Dabbling never got anyone to a point where they had the necessary skills to be remarkable. When the mind is divided and squattered, it takes in nothing deeply.

There is a saying that goes something like ‘’when values are clear, decisions are simple’’. What do you value most in your life right now? Which area is the most important to handled? If you’re in debt and working at minimum wage in a shithole and barely scrapping by maybe you need to focus your energy on your work and raise your standards, start learning and climb a bit higher where you have room to breath.

If you’re financially well off but weight 300 pounds and get sick 10 times a year, it would be about time for you to spend the time outside of work to focus on getting educated about health, making healthier decisions and exercising.

If you feel isolated but you look good and you have a decent amount of money you should consider going out more often, meeting new people and making new friends and lovers.

I’m a all or nothing kind of guy and I have a hard time spreading my energy thin. My strategy for getting things done is a strategy of deep immersion while maintaining some skills I already have.

A good image would be spinning plates. It takes a lot of energy to get those plates spinning (immersion) but when they finally are spinning rapidly, only a quick spin here and there will be enough to keep momentum (maintenance).