Simple formula to hard work

When will you finally let go and surrender?

Instead of going on here and reading these lines, you should get to do whatever you need to get done.

Here’s the simple formula :

  1. Audit yourself — Take a good look at yourself and see where it all falls apart. What habits are keeping you from working hard? What mindset keep you stuck in the past?
  2. Let go — if you’re the type of person who easily procrastinate, make excuses, find distractions and have time to read blogs talking about a simple formula to hard work, then you’re not the type of person who ACTUALLY works hard. You have to let go of your old identity to make room for the new one.
  3. Feedback analysis — find out what works best for you. Make a plan and see what type of results you would expect. Evaluate that plan and see what’s working and what’s not working. Make 18 months plans and adjust as you go to get closer to the strongest version of yourself. Also consider small things such as : What type of music do you listen to when you work? (try out focus@will) what morning ritual gets you in the right state of mind? etc
  4. Be patient — Changing your entire personality can and probably will take time. Be patient with yourself and discipline to keep working at it until you habitually work like a badass.
  5. Kick ass.

When will you finally let go and surrender?

Instead of going to the next post about hard work, just do what needs to get done. Do it now.

Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not. Motion creates emotions.