Finding Good News
C.J. Casper

There is not one organization that belongs in the middle anymore. CNN clearly needs to be positioned the same as Fox News. Just because you are paying for something does not mean you can trust it to be unbiased.

Any clear thinking person should get their information from a variety of sources and be your own journalist, because they certainly are not teaching kids getting Journalism degrees how to be unbiased and to present the information in an unburnished manner.

Dan Rather of all people has been critical of President Trump’s team in the way they treat the media with all the brouhaha over how many people were actually at the inauguration. CNN’s own megapixel picture taken when Trump was on the dais being sworn in shows that there were far more people there than all the “comparison” photos of 2009. This is a perfect example of bias. Did President Trump’s people over state things? Yes. Was anyone surprised that they would make broad, sweeping statements about how Yuge! the attendance was that day? No.

Was anyone surprised that left-leaning media would use a photo from earlier in the day showing massive swaths of white ground cover without people? Again, no.

My point is the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Of course we could expect that the first black president ever who is inaugurated on MLK Day would generate the most widely attended inauguration in history.

I knew when President Trump’s people were saying the crowds were the largest ever it was not true.

I also knew when the comparison photos started popping-up later in the day that those were carefully selected to support the narrative as well.

If CNN would have used their megapixel photo as the comparison they could have still made the point that there were more people on the mall in 2009 than 2017. Even as late as yesterday they were still using a photo that was so obviously not accurate to depict the crowd on 2017 it automatically dismisses everything else they are trying to say.

Multiply these actions x 10 everyday for the last 20 years and you see why we are where we are. Everyday people in America do not trust the media. They know everyone has an opinion and a bias because they have put it on display again and again.

CNN and Fox News both have “commentators” filing the airwaves all day long. These are not journalists.

The major networks try to veil their bias and pretend they have some moral high ground.

Pay for “news”? No thanks! Clear thinking, level-headed people see the current state of journalism for what it really is.

I do not blame the Trump team from bypassing them as much as possible and speak directly to the people. I would rather hear what the person making the decision actually says about their policy straight from their own mouth, than have someone else tell me what I should think about before even just giving me the straight facts. The headlines they used to report on these things create the bias from step one.

Everyone has bias’. Let’s just quit all the posturing and indignation that the media are under “attack”. Get back to some good ol’ fashioned straight reporting and the world will beat a path to your door.

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