No way to pay authors

Evan. (Ev Williams) Come now. You want to turn Medium into a publishing powerhouse? Then do this!

Give readers a means of paying authors directly.

I just finished reading Stephen Graham Jones’ Mongrels. (A great, inventive, almost literary novel.) But, I didn’t buy his book. I “rented” it for free from the library (digital or otherwise). Jones got absolutely ZIP for providing me an excellent entertaining experience.

Zip, really? Sheesh! I sure wish there was a way I could SEND Stephen a few bucks DIRECTLY. No, I don’t want to pay his publisher, or Amazon anymore than they already get. I want to pay Stephen!

Can I? Not easily. I figure I’d like to send him a couple of bucks. Which would be more than he would normally get on a kindle purchase.

How can I do this? Oh, I know! I could either work with GoodReads to build into their platform to implement my AddCents concept. Or, Medium could build into their platform the ability to CLAP for CENTS.

Every Author On The Planet could sign up for a Medium account. 
Every Reader On The Planet could sign up for a Medium account.

An author, Stephen (or me or you or…) would publish a press-release about their book (or art or video or whathaveyou) and those who enjoy it but DID NOT PAY TO READ could donate money from their reader account to the author account directly BY CLAPPING!


[WriterBuddy: T.S. Dishner]