A New Year! Our Six Public Commitments & Our Dreams

It is a new year! A great opportunity to start fresh and review some commitments and goals from all of us in The Studio community. I believe there is a great opportunity to add a great deal of kindness and compassion to the tech and crypto communities.

I’ve been thinking about this a great deal over the past few weeks. I wanted to write down a few simple ideas that I am going to do to stand firm with my principles and stay focused on being more compassionate and principles as I work in tech.

Our Six Public Commitments for 2019

Here are our six main commitments that we are making public for 2019.

1. Strive for excellence in all things — Strive to always do great work. Feel empowered to put your absolute best foot forward. Feel free to share new projects publicaly.

2. Be Kind & Compassionate to everyone — Everything starts with compassion. A deep love and kindness for others. Strive to deeply care for others. Strive to be understanding and compassionate to all the hard working people.

3. Be Honest & Genuine — Honesty and compassion are related. Being honest and genuine are key elements of working compassionately. This may seem like a simple one, however I believe it is something that needs a renewed focus. In the startup world there are the recent trends of growth hackers and VC funded moon shots. In the pursuit of growth, it is easy to be tempted to mislead. As a marketer there is a tendency to use whatever tools are avaliable to lead to a signup or a sale. It often takes more effort to be truly genuine with your customers and the people that you work with. We can be tempted to oversell in order to maximize the growth of the company. Let’s work to build our honesty muscle going forward. It will pay dividends over the long term.

4. Tip Every Time — It is important to tip drivers and delivery people. They are hustling and working hard to bring you products and services that you need. I used to work in the service industry myself and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciated a tip during a long night of work. It really makes a difference. Even a dollar counts.

5. Mute Don’t Block — This is a simple but important one. As more of us continue to interact on Twitter it is disheartening to see how many tech leaders aggressively block one another. I think it is better to simply hit the mute button than to block people. Blocking is reactive. Muting is proactive. Blocking is aggressive. Muting is peaceful.

Muting establishes a strong, healthy boundary but doesn’t insult the other person. It doesn’t add more anger and aggression to already tense situations. Muting is one small thing we can do to help Twitter and the web become a more positive place. Going forward, I encourage you to consider to choose mute instead of block. I am committing to keeping my finger off the block button and instead using mute this entire year.

6. Don’t Delete People -One sad thing that we saw a lot of last year was developers and community managers aggressively deleting and blocking people. Unfortunately there are many immature and disrespectful community leaders out there. Let’s push back against this. Let’s build inclusive and kind communities so everyone can benefit.

We Have Big Dreams:

We are very excited about this new year. We can feel as we move forward on our journey towards our hopes and dreams. Here are three of our dreams for this year.

-We want to share great amounts of positivity and support online to all the great, hard working people. We don’t want to focus on negativity. We want to light a candle of positivity. 🕯

-We want to help people make more money so they can level up their lives. We should speak openly about people improving their incomes. Crypto can potentially help with this. We have created a community called Crypto Hunt that scours the web for great opportunities in crypto. Feel free to come join.

-And one of the biggest dreams and plans that we have over the next few years is that we want to build a medical charity and we would love to start by sponsoring 10 surgeries! We are very excited about the possibility of being able to leverage many of our interests (crypto, the web, helping others) to strive to build a little organization that helps others.

If you are reading this and think you might be able to help in any way please send me a tweet and let me know. Feel free to remix this artivor and share your hopes and dreams as well! And please join our community. Get involved! We love working side by side with other smart people in our community. Would love your help! Join our creative community!

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