You found me — here in my little digital home on the web.

Instead of introducing myself by writing out a bio with a bunch of boring facts and stats, I thought instead it would be a bit more fitting to jump right in and share with you a few of the theories and ideas that I have been thinking about recently. They have to do with topics of work, great people and giving.


A 150% Life

I think there are two main ways you can approach life. The first is your basic-cable-life. With this package you get a job and a house. You come home from the job every evening. Grab some food and flip on the TV. Life is good. But what if there could be more. What if you could go beyond just the normal, expected 100% and instead shoot for a 150% life. A life where not only you spent all your time consuming and enriching yourself, but also one where you were able to give to others. A life where you lived materially very simply. But this lack of materialism enabled you to have more freedom. It helped you be less attached to things and it kept pulling your gaze slightly higher to the truly great stuff. The stuff that isn’t always measured by a revenue report. We will all be gone soon. We have just a tiny window of time. Why not strive to light a small candle. Why not try to live a 150% life.

Stop Working

In the past two weeks I have made a pretty significant change in my life, I have completely stopped working. Yes, that’s right. I have given up working. I quit cold turkey. And I don’t plan to ever go back either.

< huh?>

How are you going to feed yourself, you might wonder? What about your apartment or house? How is that even possible? Well, it is really quite simple.

You see for ten straight years I worked and worked and worked. Many times I worked too hard and experienced the symptoms of burnout. But that is changing. I’m radically redefining my understanding of the topic of work by shifting my approach in a very small way that is having big repercussions. You see, I am departing from the idea of “work-is-doing-a-job-you-dislike-because-of-the-money” to a much healthier goal of: Building. I don’t actually go to work anymore, instead I simply go out there and build.

I build my dream startup called The Studio-it is a creative place where we build lots of different businesses, and try to help people as well. We work on our projects. Piece by piece. And I build up other things too, like my health and the communication and strength within my family. I build up the relationships I have with my 65 amazing coworkers that I am so blessed to work with.

In fact, almost all of my waking hours are now dedicated to building things. And it’s fun! When you shift your focus to building it immediately gives you more breathing room. The dynamic of what you are doing shifts quietly but in a big way.

  • Things are expected to take a long time
  • Things are supposed to break and need to be repaired.
  • And it’s ok if the job site is a big mess.

So if you need me, you will find me in The Studio. There will be sawdust everywhere and paint drips on my shoes and pants. But I will be much happier.

I will be busy building.

The Hospital Room

How many Facebook friends do you have? 250? 500? Maybe over 1,000. It doesn’t really matter. That number is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. “The hospital room theory” is a new framework I have been thinking a great deal about. It states that sometime in the future you will most likely find yourself laying in a hospital bed about to die. It might happen tomorrow or in 40 years but at some point your journey will be about over.

In that room with you will be a very small number of people. The people there will be the ones that decided to give up their day that they had planned and instead are spending it with you. They are sitting in chairs covered with plastic as the time ticks by. These people are some of your true friends. Your friends who truly love you — even when you are at your weakest. And even when there is really any value you can give back to them at this point.

Thinking about this “hospital room theory” has helped me see the friends & associates around me in my life in a much different light. It has reframed and refocused my search for great people whom I choose to spend time with. Sure, in life there there will always be tire kickers- those people that are somewhat curious, but don’t truly care. There will be people who are out there to simply take value from you.

They may be bosses that want you to work hard for them at a job but then not give you the time of day when you make a request from them. That is fine, be selective. Seek our your hospital room friends and family. They are your real supporters. Only a few people really care. The rest are just curious.

Thanks for reading a short sampling of a few of my developing theories and ideas. These are just a starting point- and will probably be further developed and mproved. I haven’t gotten a chance to turn on comments yet. But I would love to hear from you on what your thoughts are regarding these topics. I look forward to hopefully sharing a few more ideas and theories with you in the future.

Have a good day

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