I’ve Always Wanted to Ride a Motorcycle to Alaska

Dave Craige
May 27 · 9 min read

Suddenly, the bear ran right at the 11-year-old kid.

We were in Jasper, national park Canada. There was a crowd of about 15 people that had begun to crowd around a young black bear. The crowd kept on getting closer and closer to take pictures with their Android phones and an 11-year-old got to close. The bear turned and began running directly at the 11-year-old who was only about five or 6 feet away. The kid turned and started backpedaling in fear . Luckily, the bear stopped short before actually attacking a child. It was a very scary moment.

For many years, I had dreamed about being able to ride a motorcycle to Alaska. It had always seems like such a big and challenging project. What type of bike would I use? What route would I take? Would there be enough gas along the way, or would I have to bring extra gas with me on the bike? How safe was it? Should I buy bear spray?

As of today, I completed it. I’ve ridden my motorcycle to Alaska and back to Colorado. It’s pretty amazing to get a chance to say that it is completed. The trip was challenging, but not undoable. I was surprised at the ability for myself and my other traveling companions to successfully ride over 6000 miles without any problems.

Weather / Detachment

One of the most interesting aspects riding is that you can actually be happy while being. uncomfortable. This often times happens when it’s pouring down rain and you still are enjoying the experience of riding. There’s a certain detachment that happens between what your body is experiencing and what you were feeling. I think this is interesting, and I would like to be able to improve upon this even more going forward. I think you’ll be a very good thing if you could actually be happy while you’re in uncomfortable situations in other aspects of your life. Imagine if you…

One of the interesting things that happens while on a motorcycle trip, is that you get a chance to live closely with your other motorcycle riding companions. A person that. rides motorcycles is often a very independent and free thinking individual. They usually make their own plans, and a point their bike in the direction they want to go. When you are in a group, you have to change that mentality slightly, and work together towards a common goal.

Lake Moraine. Crazy blues.

When you are riding by yourself, you can have bad days, become frustrated, and can quietly stew to yourself. However, when you were in a group, the dynamic changes and if you are in some way is responsible to be kind to the other people you’re riding with. It’s important to not point your steam vent at the other riders.

I think what it comes down to, is emotional intelligence. Yes, there is a book smarts where you can do well on a test, but there’s also the ability to work with others and to be able to finally understand how another person is feeling and to be able to work alongside them.

Really enjoyed the town of Stewart, Brittish Colombia

The trip

Our trip started in Denver, Colorado and we headed up towards Wyoming. We stopped at someplace and then we continued on to Montana. We then went up to Glacier National Park and enjoyed riding along the lakes and mountains above us.

We crossed into Canada and had no problems at the border. There was no other cars in line, and we simply walked up to the border agent and said that we are going to be heading towards Alaska.

We entered into the plains of Canada and drove until we finally made it to Banff and Jasper. These parts of Canada incredible, they have some of the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen.

It is interesting, because there is a highway that runs right down to the parks and you do feel so there’s quite a few other people would stop by the different tourist tractions. However, it is all worth it and you get a chance to see such amazing natural beauty.

I had an interesting realization once I got to Banff. I realize that with 16 1/2 hours of additional riding we could actually set foot into the base of Alaska. First, the other guys were not receptive to this idea but over the next 24 hours or so most of the group came along to the idea.

The area of British Columbia is just beautiful. It’s great getting a chance to drive through little towns and see the Canadian countryside. I really enjoy it.

The ride into Stewart BC on my favorites of the trip. Mountains shoot up on both sides there’s a beautiful river that runs along side the road. We saw glaciers and bears and it was just a beautiful experience arriving in the town of Hyder Alaska at the Golden hour.

In Canada, the golden hour is later at about 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Versus in the states where it is usually around 5 to 7 PM

Stuart BC area is kind of like Jurassic park. There are beautiful green mountains and multiple rivulets of waterfalls going through. This was an especially beautiful area to get a chance to ride through with my friends.

We made it to Alaska and crossed into the US border at approximately 11 o’clock at night we stopped and took some pictures and enjoyed being by the water in Hyder.

I really enjoyed the small town of BC in Alaska. It’s just such a beautiful and interesting approach to life and they have up there. Because the hardships of the grilling winters, it seems to self select and the people there seem party and good-natured for the most part. Also, there is beauty in so many different places. From the snowmobiles, the mountains, to the towns.

After a day in later, I pulled my motorcycle back down south because a few of my friends were. flying into Vancouver. I began the 17 hour ride south to meet them in the town of Squamish. Which is about 45 minutes north of Vancouver, it is in a really beautiful area right by the bank. I really recommend anybody to check that out when I get a chanceI met up with you guys, and we decided that it would be best if I park my motorcycle as we drove around in the Dodge ram the day and rented. It was great to have a nice big comfortable truck, and I really enjoyed yesterday just in the back and not have to drive if you want all the elements on the road.

Got an awesome opportunity to actually hike up a mountain. We were told it was only going to take three hours, but the reality was it more like six. We scrambled up a lot of the rock and snow faces and finally made it to the top after a pretty sight. I would recommend if you do decide to do some out during like this, not simply do it in sandals. Give me a little more difficult.

After the discussion, you guys decided they wanted to head towards Banff and Jasper. There are Fessional doctor first and so getting up. Take the pictures of the beautiful area and damp adjuster were definitely high on the list. I didn’t mind me additional 8 Hour Dr. to get back to an area are it already visited, because of enjoyable just being in the truck and driving around with my friends.

We also got a chance to grab some campsites and make a campfire. It was awesome, being in Jasper and finding a beautiful campsite right by the water. Tim, what’s up is Maddock and fluid around and when you global experience as we took pictures nice guy. We return to Vancouver and dropped off the truck. The guy at the enterprise rental company, even gave us a free ride near the airport. It was very kind of him to do so.

I headed south and enter back into United States. The border agent was very kind and easy to work with. I then headed over to Portland and crash at a hostel. I enjoy Portland, and went to the art museum. That evening. I met up with Chris Hunt a well-known dirt biker and enjoyed coffee with him. It was good to talk to him about his approach to social media. He said, just a fun with it.

I really enjoyed riding down the Oregon coast. I had never been there before, I was really impressed how different the Oregon coast looks, compared to the East Coast Regis. All the different Rocky enclaves and green heard of areas are absolutely beautiful. I would like to go back and spend more time there.

The Oregon coast is incredible. How come nobody told me about this?

I then met up with with my buddy Adam in Idaho, and we rode the Wesley way back to Denver. Camping at campsites, and splitting an expensive hotel. I rolled back into my house at about 7:30 PM and had completed the 6000 mile journey.


One of the best parts about writing a motorcycle is the smells that you experience any right along. When you pass a river the temperature drops of your degrees and there’s a certain fresh smell the experience. Also, we are driving through countryside, there’s often times alfalfa and fresh cut grass.

Being directly outside, enable you to become more closely unified with what the actual temperature is. When you’re driving in an enclosed car, it doesn’t really matter with the outside temperature is. However, when you’re on a motorcycle, it makes a big difference. Some days I experience temperature fluctuations 46° to 80° all that if you hours.

These temperature fluctuations would require a change in gear. Would require me to stop and change my ear. Also, it’s interesting as the temperature typically dropped about 30° from when the sun goes down and you were about to set up camp. This is a pretty significant drop in and it’s interesting to get a check to experience it firsthand.

I thought a lot about goodness. Last year, I try to project called the positivity project. In short, I spent 30 days trying to do trying to be nothing but positive. It didn’t actually work out so well. As it turns out, it’s not healthy to just be positive all the time. He comes across as plastic.

On this trip, I thought about the importance of being good. The importance of seeking goodness. I think this is what we want in life. I tried to be positive and upbeat, but also to approach negativity and toxicity with a healthy standard. This I believe is a much better way to go about it.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t planning on going on the trip. I had my head down and was so busy working, that and I didn’t even get a chance to really realize how important it was to take some time off and go on such a great adventure with my friends. I’m really glad I did, it helps reset my point of you and I have a renewed energy for a new renewed approach to life going forward. It was great trying to improve my emotional intelligence on the strip, and a few of them I learned a lot about the psychology or other fellow riders.

This trip really help me unlock the realization that travel can be organized and focused. You really can pack up a backpack and a tent and a sleeping pad and search for inexpensive hotels and travel quite a lot a long time with simply a mentality of trying to find the next spot for the evening. You get in a “travel mentality” and it shapes how you approach the day. It’s a good practice to get into and simply requires the first few steps, the first few days for it to begin.

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