Watch Out Uber, Juno Is Quietly Invading Gotham City

  • Drivers in NYC are being paid $25 a week to gather data in NYC
  • Juno was created by Talmon Marco the CEO of Viber. Viber had 700 million customers and was sold for $900m. Not his first rodeo.
  • Juno plans to be an “ethical, socially responsible ride sharing service”

News broke early this week of a fascinating new ridesharing startup call Juno. Invented by the CEO of Viber, Talmon Marco, this new competitor may eventually pose a threat to Uber dominance in New York City.

Viber has had incredible growth and they have grown to over 700 million customers. It will be fascinating to watch Juno leverage their collective experience growing a large consumer product into a ridesharing application. Their dev teams are located in Israel.

Juno is lead by Talmon Marco. He has lead teams of over 300 employees and has sold Viber for $900m

Here is a great post about Juno

What Else We Know

  • Juno is paying drivers between $25-$50 a week to use their app to track driving
  • Juno plans to take only 10% of the fare
  • The drivers get equity in the company
  • There will be a 24 hour support phone number
  • Their new office is in 1 World Trade Center, NYC
  • Drivers have reported that thousands drivers have already joined

Junos competitive advantages are that they offer equity to the drivers, they only take 10% of the fare, and they focus on trying to treat the drivers with more respect. Uber has been hitting the news quite frequently lately with its callous disregard for its workforce.

Talmon Marco told FORBES. “It’s time for an ethical, socially responsible ride sharing service. And that’s what we are doing.”

The New York City full time drives are sick of Uber’s games

If Juno is able to grab consumer interest and market share, it may be able to quickly convert over a large number of New York City Uber drivers who are looking for better opportunities since the devastating rate cuts last month.

It will be fascinating to watch as they build the demand side of the marketplace. Currently Lyft and Uber are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on customer acquisition in hundreds of cities. | Simple and focused website to begin onboarding divers. Free parking.

Essential Reading

Here are additional articles covering the stealth launch and growth of Juno from CNN, Forbes and Pando. We will be updating and prioritizing these as the continue to come in.

Note: This is a living document and will be updated as the company continues to grow and we learn more information about Juno. Thanks for tuning in!