Event Managers: What Would YOU Do Next…?

A great MC or speaker shouldn’t be judged solely by what they do if things work according to plan, BUT what they would do IF something goes wrong.

You hire them for the certainty that they can cope with any situation or crisis ON THEIR FEET and still guarantee an amazing event.

Standard issue problems include…

  • A problem with the equipment.
  • The audience turns hostile.
  • There is a huge change to the schedule halfway through your event and you have to still make it work and deliver what you’ve promised with massively reduced resources.

Sounds scary?

It doesn’t have to be when your event is in the right hands.

So shall we test you and your ability to think on your feet in front of a live audience?

I have been onstage since I was 3 and therefore have probably experienced EVERY SINGLE THING THAT CAN GO WRONG.

Well almost.

Let me share a few 100% true REAL LIFE case studies with you now and ask you this question…

What would you do next?

Leave your answers in the comments section below and I will tell you what I did afterwards.

Case Study 1

You are singing in at Barassie Primary School in Scotland with our production of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the age of 11 (you are playing Pharaoh — an Elvis incarnation) and the lad who played the main character refuses to sing MID-SHOW because his mum hasn’t turned up. The stage is plunged into pregnant silence while you stare at the audience and they stare back and he goes offstage for a good weep.

You can only hear your own heartbeat.

What would you do next?

Case Study 2

You are onstage singing in concert at Ayr’s Gaiety Theatre (again at 11) and the pianist playing your song plays it at the wrong key so you can’t actually reach any of the high notes of your Elvis (yes him again) track.

About 400 people watching.

What would YOU do next?

Case Study 3

DJing in a packed nightclub (about 18 years old) and the stylus breaks on your left hand turntable/ The management hasn’t invested in a spare needle which means that you have to somehow complete the next 3 hours with only one deck. No mixing. No fading. You have to somehow fill the gap by swapping records and cueing up the intro to the next one with everybody standing and watching you.

They are all staring at you now.

What would YOU do next?

Case Study 4

You are entertaining at Warner’s Holiday Resort at Puckpool on the Isle of Wight in the UK. It’s the early part of the season and the budget holidaymakers are here. This weekend is the pensioners and the average age is about 71 years old. During the waltz one of your guests keels over and actually dies in the middle of the dancefloor. Everyone is watching.

You are playing the music.

What would YOU do next?

Case Study 5

You are co-hosting an internet marketing conference in Dubai. You have about 600 delegates and 18 speakers over 2 days from across the globe. Social media is still relatively new at this stage and everyone is super excited to learn more. At this stage only 100 people in the audience had signed up for Facebook accounts!!! You have a very tight schedule and one of your speakers decides to act like a complete DIVA. Instead of sticking to her 20 minutes presentation and leaving to applause, she decides she wants a full hour and NOT ONLY refuses to finish, but tries to get the audience to boo you for trying to gracefully ask her to leave.

All eyes are on you.

What would you do next?

Case Study 6

Performing your comedy stage hypnosis show at Caesar’s Palace in Johannesburg in South Africa. First night of your tour. Packed out theatre with 500 people (about 50% were media), you are about half way through the show and there was a POWER CUT. The entire room was plunged into darkness. You have about 10 people completely in hypnosis onstage who would have done anything that you ask them BUT it would be dangerous to do anything.

The audience suspect it’s all part of the show (it isn’t).

What would YOU do next?

Case Study 7

You are live onstage with about 10,000 people as the warm up act for Enrique Iglesias’s first appearance ever in Dubai. You go out with a radio colleague to welcome the crowd and your microphone doesn’t work.

At all.


What would you do next?

Case Study 8

You are hosting 45,000 people at the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens and it is live across the world to about a billion TV sets (no pressure then). Torrential rains waterlogged the venue (and you later find out made a huge problem across the UAE too) You have a massive power failure and at any given time either no lights, no sound, no screens PLUS non-stop torrential wind and rain.

The audience is starting to give up and go home.

You have to keep the show going.

What would YOU do next?

Case Study 9

You are in the gorgeous Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh with a top pharmaceutical company to motivate 1,000 sales staff from across the MENA region. Your keynote motivational speech starts at 10am and so you have had your presentation ready to go with the sound and light guys since 8am. You go out onstage and don’t realise that your mac has shut down, been restarted and the technician in charge had started a ‘saved’ version of your presentation which doesn’t have any videos, sound or hyperlinks working on it. So nothing is working (you don’t know why). you ask her to restart the presentation again but instead in a bad mood she just shuts down your entire presentation and leaves you with an event holding slide on the big screens. The audience is all watching you.

You now have an hour to fill with NO reference points, visuals or assistance.

The audience are wondering how you will deal with this…

What would YOU do next?

Case Study 10

You are live on the pitch at a huge global event. The atmosphere is fantastic and you are live to 50,000+ people on site and about 2 billion at home. As you walk along the spectators with a TV crew looking for a winner of a special competition a drunken reveller leans out and punches you full in the face LIVE across the world.

It hurts BUT you are live on TV.

What would you do next?

Of course there are more example for you, many of which I can’t mention for legal reasons but I hope these have intrigued you about the life of an MC or event facilitator.

The bottom line is that despite the temptation to get the cheapest MC possible and maximise profits, think of your MC as an insurance policy instead.

If you are spending 1,000,000 US dollars on your event (venue hire, staging, catering, logistics, permissions etc), is it really worth putting an amateur in charge?


That’s why I have been hosting Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens for 17 years.

If you’d like to know how to make your event a success every time or even how to react when you are onstage then let’s have a chat about it…


Dave Crane recently won the Al Arouwad/ MTV award as the best motivational speaker in the MENA region. His events include 17 years hosting Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens .

He is also an award-winning broadcaster, NLP hypnotherapist, author and speaker coach. In his career, he’s run radio stations, coached many of the world’s favourite brands and worked alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports.

Connect with Dave directly and watch his online motivational TV show ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand TV’ for business tips and interviews with Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Dr John Grey.

Find out about Dave’s Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show too.

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