Make Money: Don’t Raise Money
Gary Vaynerchuk

Awesome as always Gary. I guess I’m an old guy because 20 years ago I started a professional services firm with a partner, the 2 of us rode around in a pickup truck and worked for peanuts. Eventually we made enough money to buy another truck then hire some people and grow the business. We did get a small line of credit to help manage cash flow. There was no raising money — nobody writing checks. We took a service, provided it and got paid. We lost all of our employees and a huge part of our revenue during the recession. Now we have built our company back bigger and stronger than it ever has been. We have more employees than ever and our top line and bottom line revenue is higher than it has ever been. We own it all and have no debt because we grow organically. It’s a tough balance between getting more work and have the staff/resources in place. But it can be done.

The one thing you preach which is absolute gold is patience. As an almost 50 year old I understand now the game is long — very long. I feel like I am just really starting now and I have a lot of time ahead to accomplish my goals.

Thanks for all you do — you provide unbelievably good advice on the macro of life and the game of business, along with brilliant technical details that have really helped me understand the game and how to play it.