Little Red Diesel Manual Wagon

Adventures in a new car purchase

I wanted to share why our family went from one car for so long to two cars, why we decided to buy a new car, and why we bought the specific car we did.

Our wagon fresh from the factory.

Why a new car

I am very much a believer in the used car market. New cars are overpriced (the national average for a new car is $33,560). They depreciate almost immediately. They put people in precarious financial situations.

That 9 on the left was the odometer the day I bought the car.

Why a wagon

Some part of buying a wagon had to do with spending too much time reading Jalopnik (the archetypical enthusiast car is the Brown Manual Diesel RWD Wagon). Our wagon is 3 out of 5.

Stick Shift


I’ve heard the diesel is a bit more reliable (for Volkswagen) and the milage is a lot better. In fact, the Prius-V gets similar mileage with it’s hybrid engine.

2016 Car Play

I was about to cancel my order and re-order a 2016 because it’s coming with CarPlay. The dealer invited me to check out the car before he sold it to someone else. He also thought I probably didn’t want to wait for another order to come through.


I used TrueCar and Costco to get a starting price. Both of these car buying services lend your information to various dealers and you get a lot of friendly emails telling you to stop on by.

Kimmy teaches us compound interest

The Finance Department

One regret I had was not contacting the finance department before I bought the car. I should have spent some time researching the various add-ons they’d try to upsell me. I ended up going with two things at a discount: Autobutler and Titanium protection. These were rash-decisions and I’ll begrudgingly listen to why people think these were not worth it.

Other cars considered

We looked at the BMW 5 series wagon from 2002/2003. We saw one beautiful specimen that would have needed some minor work, but the seller ended up selling to a friend.

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