Don’t Ruin the Weather for the Rest of Us

I have a theory about spring I want to share with you. Consider this a public service announcement. I was reminded to write this today as the temperature finally increased to something spring-like, even though the spring equinox isn’t until March 20th.

My theory will keep the weather warm for you if you play along.

By the way, don’t hate me for reporting on the lovely weather in Nashville. I realize it still sucks in much of the US, Canada and elsewhere (sorry, my focus is where my family is). As you can see in the image below, winter isn’t over quite yet in Nashville. However, it sure feels that way today with the warm sunshine and blue skies overhead.

Just as things begin to warm up I notice something many of us do. We drive with our roofs down (if we are blessed with such a vehicle, I’m not). We wear shorts and t-shirts. Restaurant and cafe owners open up a few tables on their patios and we eagerly grab them. Everyone walks around in a joyous mood celebrating the end of winter but don’t be fooled.

Mother Nature can be a bitch.

We have all seen this with her tornados, droughts, and hurricanes. She can also be a lovely gal. My theory is she is a bitch most of the time.

So you are wondering how we can prolong the warm weather when it finally arrives, right?

Don’t let her know you notice it. Roll down a window instead of your roof. Push up your sleeves and drape your coat over your arm. Open a window in your restaurant, not the patio — yet. Don’t let her realize we are on to her pleasant change in mood.

If we prance around celebrating the first taste of spring expect the worst from Mother Nature. Boom! It will be winter yet again.

Photo by woodley wonderworks from Flickr.
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