Happy Birthday Yogi
Joe Posnanski

Asking Yogi if he was ever late getting to Ebbets Field seems an odd question since by the end of 1949, he’d probably only gone there six times to play in World Series games, but what the heck, it’s a great response.

Roy Smalley spoke at a local high school team’s annual banquet/fundraiser a few years back and told a great first-hand Yogi story. He was in a slump during his stint with the Yankees and Yogi, one of the Bombers’ coaches, saw him sitting on the bench looking down and it went something like this.

“In a slump, huh?”

“Yeah, 0-for-19 (or something). Yogi, were you ever in a slump?”

“Yeah, I was 0-for-20 (or something) once.”

“What did you do to get out of it?”

“I hit a home run.”

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