As MD of TechStars New York, Alex Iskold, said in his blog: “Prioritizing founders and their interests and their needs can’t be faked. You can’t just say you do it. You have to actually do it. And it is a ton and a ton and a ton of work.”
What it means to put founders first
Aaron Birkby

Strong words from a leader who sets an equally strong example of this — we had our first Skype with Alex while we were at NUMA in Paris and his output and attention to his cohorts (and alumni) is amazing.

And globally recognised.

The challenge isn’t just supporting the startups, but sharing the narratives of those like Alex (and Aaron Birkby and Peter Laurie, etc) who do work so damn hard in this mission.

I could speak to the vast majority of the startup ecosystem in support roles that manage to make a great living having fun on the margins, but I’d rather focus on recognising those who actual enable us to do our work.

Aaron — you’re doing amazing stuff mate and reading your posts helps me focus on the positive work of people like you. Keep it up!

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