When I get old and my grandkids and kids are watching hockey I will tell them of how I got to watch Jaromir Jagr play. It’ll be hard to explain to them how relentlessly good he is. Especially considering his age. He is without a doubt a hall of fame player and one of the best to ever play the game but how did his progression compare to the all-time greats. He’s played a lot of seasons much like how Gordie Howe and Ron Francis did. Were his assists and goals front-loaded or has he been an unbelievably consistent player his entire career? Let’s take a look.


When it comes to goals, Jagr is 3rd all-time. Only behind the great one and Gordie Howe. Here’s how his 25 seasons stack up compared to some of the other legends. It’s very conceivable that Jagr could catch Howe in his career.

I also wanted to see how each legend performed in their respective year. I was especially curious about this because I wanted to see how each one performed in the periods in which they overlapped.


I used the same methodology to see how Jagr’s assists progression compared . What this graph really visualizes is how Gretzky is in a league of his own when it comes to assists. It’s unreal how far ahead of everybody he was right out of the gate.

Did the same again for years and as the graph above shows, we also see how badly Gretzky dominated when many of the stars aligned.


We clearly know who the all-time point leader is in the NHL but Jagr is only 4th all-time and close to Gordie Howe (5 points away at the time of this article).


Jagr’s career is nothing short of amazing and his consistency is something to behold because he is right up there with the greats. He may have 4 more seasons in him and if has the same consistency in him, he could perhaps become the 2nd greatest player to ever play the game, stats wise at least.

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