“Here is quite simply why Bernie stood a better chance than Hillary to win…
Sasha Stone

Are you aware that Bernie repeated asked Hillary to start the debates sooner? Do you know the main reason why?

The first Democratic debate took place a week after the deadline closed for New Yorkers to change their party affiliation from Independent (or Republican) to vote in the primary as a Democrat. Coincidence? No chance.

Did you know that California has a much better voting system than most other states? Barack Obama wanted the rest of the country to embrace the system used in LA County. The head of LA County voter registration pitched it to every state and most turned it down because it probably would have benefited the Democrats more than Republicans in the long run. I was personally given a tour of their facilities right after the primary while they were counting votes. They pride themselves on making sure that the voters intent is always upheld. This was evident when many people would send in their filled sample ballot books but no actual ballot would have their votes transferred to a ballot and honored rather than thrown away. He told me with pride that he can tell you how many people voted for Mickey Mouse in every election since he had been working there. Voter Intent. Nothing made him prouder to uphold that fundamental right every American should have.

I mention this because in California they do something New York doesn’t during primaries. If you’re a registered Independent but you want to vote for either a Republican or a Democrat in the primary you can asked for a Cross Party Voting Ballot. When canvasing for Bernie in Los Angeles we were all told to tell any Independent voters what to ask for.

On the day, many voting centers either had no Cross Party Ballots or very few. No one could answer why as I was told at the voting center a record number had been printed.

Those that asked for one were usually given instead a Provisional Ballot to fill out. This had all the same positions to vote on except for Presidential candidates.

We saw hundreds of thousands of Provisional Ballots with both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s name written on them. Remember what I said about “Voter Intent”? We were told at first these were not going to be counted, then after lawyers descended from the Democratic party they said they would consider it. I still don’t know if they were counted or not.

And do we really need to discuss the Super-Delegates? If they had done what they were supposed to do and keep quiet until the convention it might have been a different story, but MSNBC and CNN (both donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign) kept adding them to Hillary’s count.

The Democrats screwed up. While many Republicans could have voted for a perceived Independent they certainly couldn’t vote for a Clinton. Clinton most likely galvanized many Republicans to vote who might have been swayed.

But all this back and forth is a wasteful use of both our energies. If the Democrats don’t move away from a Corporate favored form of government they will lose again, dooming the country to four more years of Trump.

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