Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me
America Ferrera

There is a very deep flaw in both American Education and Society at this point. Over the last 30 plus years Americans haven’t been taught with a global world view in mind. A string of basic half historical facts about the country tailored to give us a positive view of both the country and ourselves. Coupled with rampant free capitalism that gives us platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Medium where we can espouse our God given views to everyone so that they can be educated thought our thought processes and eventually realize that America is the greatest country in the world.

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Nine months ago I was fairly open to Bernie or Hillary because they were easily soooo much better than what the right offered.

Then I started to really watch all of Bernie’s videos on YouTube so I could get a clearer view of his policies. I’d seen many of these videos before but not from the perspective of his running for President of the United States.

I went to see him at his rally last year in Los Angeles.

I was floored by the turn out and the incredibly diverse cross section of people who had turned out to see him.

As I walked away I could hear a hundred political discussions going on around me. A generation we are told that only cares about selfies and Kanye West were actively discussing the issues, and not just free education and debt free college.

This isn’t about whether you want Hillary or Bernie.

It’s about whether you a comfortable where you are right now but things could be a little better or if things for you and your family are right on the edge or even over it.

By current standards I would be in the top 30% of earners in the country, yet if I lost my job today I’d be two months away from disaster. Many of my friends are one paycheck away from that. Many more are constantly scrambling to get extra work just to pay off interest on debt.

Incremental change would mean nothing for us. Maybe our kids or their kids. Hillary is incremental change, at best!

Bernie is about bringing true change now for a brighter future.

I can live with things not getting better for myself now, but not for my kids. I refuse to see the 1% sandbagging around themselves to keep all the money in.

Please spend a day watching Bernie videos on YouTube and reading news from sites like The Intercept and Democracy Now!.

Educate yourself.

Hillary can still be the person you want to eat ice cream with and binge watch Netflix with in onesies.

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