I agree and say yes Religion is the opiate and human life is riddled by separation and loneliness and the opportunity to connect beyond the suffering is vital for our human condition — I’m bloody glad opiates exist and they should be free for everyone and well governed. I want doctors who are qualified and care about me giving me morphine when I need it and helping me find support and health so I can stop using it at the right time.

The goal is healthy connection with my world through temporary safety from it. I do not want to throw opiates away, or have them given to me by someone who doesn’t care or incentivised by some other profit or growth motive. …

The file named ‘wrestle’ in my mind has been collecting a few notes recently…

Facebook is serving me up UFC fighting content like there is no tomorrow! Taking me into its wormhole and spitting me out about 4 videos and 45 minutes later!!!

I am also finding great joy in roughhousing with my 10 year old nephew: teasing, squashing, poking him, letting him ride on my back like a bucking bronco, giving him donkey bites and trying not to reveal just how ticklish I am on my neck!

I first found inspiration to voice some of these notes on ‘wrestling’ in a conversation over dinner. We were asking questions, about the systems in place to educate small children. What environments are best? Which skills need instilling through order and which should be left to develop naturally? What does it mean that children need structure? And what on earth are we going to tell our kids about the way the world works and the reality that lays beneath it? …

The Firepit & The Table

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David Erasmus

making a swiss army knife to explore a state of mind beyond nations, flowing with beauty & justice http://daveerasmus.com http://corcova.do http://ourcarbon.com

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