We are all denizens — inhabitants of this world, but the modern social experiment of national government controlled citizenship is broken. We can see this most acutely in the plight of the 65 Million refugees today without a home due to geopolitical infighting between nations.

If you are reading this on the web, if you learn or make your living from the miracle that is the internet then THIS IS FOR YOU! If your world view has been shaped by being able to FaceTime with loved ones on the other side of the planet or continue friendship on Facebook with the travel buddies you met on your gap year, then this is for you. If you have learned about female genital mutilation, veganism, supported Sanders, bought bitcoin or taught yourself to play the ukelele on youtube then this is definitely for you. If you are a freelance writer travelling the world drinking coffee and taking sweet Instagrams with your pals then I am talking to you. If you feel like a global citizen, a digital nomad, a TCK then please listen. If you are making big decisions about your life, your values, your work, your food, if you believe we find strength in diversity, if you started watching TED Talks and Vloggers when you were a teenager and now you are an adult and have finished university, then THIS IS FOR YOU.

I say to you IN LOVE that it is time to grow up and take responsibility for the biggest privilege you probably don’t recognise. It is time to start investing in the architecture that you criticise your parents and Brexit and Donald Trump for not making! It is time to convert liberal ideology into creativity and start building a system that can hold our beliefs.



Your parents will not create the world you believe in. We must do it and we must start now. Social enterprise can be good, charity can be good, innovation can be good but NONE of it will work if we don’t build a governance infrastructure from a lifestyle that allows us time to work on the things that matter to build the world we want to live in. A world built on the wisdom of ecology that defends diversity and embraces the mixed reality that machines and nature alike invite us into.

I know this because I am first in line to hold my hands up to the privilege I have received, The internet is my tool, my weapon and my vice, my friend and my enemy. I am with you, I am on your side but it is time to begin to make together, nothing else will do.

What does it mean to build infrastructure around our global citizenship?

How do we restore power to local communities acknowledged in the context of our global denizenship of humanity?

How do we build a successful bridge between the nation paradigm and our global reality?

Can we flip the power balance by citizenship becoming an opt in relationship to community rather than top down controlled reward?

We do not need answers we need simply to meet, to eat, to walk, to be together with this in mind. Lets do our work and see what occurs.