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Insinuated? Comey’s testimony, like nearly all Senate testimony, was typed up and sent to the Senate the day before the hearing began. Then the Senators ask questions about the written testimony. I don’t even have time to address all the ridiculous assertions in this post.

You clearly don’t understand how the process works, which is why your post is full of conspiracy stuff that would make Alex Jones proud, all assertions without the slightest evidence to back up anything you wrote. All you did was propose an alternate reality that supports your world view. It was stunningly fact-free.

I know a certain president who’d be so proud.

And the idea that this amounts to a media-driven impeachment? I’m pretty sure it’s the independent counsel who is running this thing, not the media. And Mueller is universally hailed by politicians on both the right and left as a man of exquisite integrity. In the end, he may determine there’s no reasonable case against Trump. That’s fine. But it’s not for you, or me, or the media, to decide.