4 Things I’m Thinking About

A short post on the go via mobile

  1. Everyday at a startup is a battle between “Holy shit! I’m pretty damn good at this” and “I actually have no freaking clue what I’m doing.”
  2. There are countless copywriting/headline formulas, positioning templates and messaging guides. I used to try and follow them all. And then I started writing nearly every single day — from blog posts to emails to website messages to product copy. The only way to write a message that “works” is to write so much that writing becomes natural.
  3. The only way to learn is by doing. Read about how others have done it — then figure it out for yourself.
  4. When you need to grow fast, it’s easy to take shortcuts. Important reminder — and a strategy that matches the way people want to buy things/work with companies. Something I shared earlier.

This was fun.