4 Things That Can Be Better About Boston Startups

Since launching Tech In Boston last spring, I’ve recorded 42 episodes with entrepreneurs, investors and press members here in Boston.

At the end of each podcast, I ask every guest the same two questions: What’s good about building a company in Boston? What’s something we can be doing better?

Without fail, the answer to what we can be doing is one of the following (in fact, I can’t find an episode where there’s a response other than one of these):

  1. Get more women into tech and startups. Not surprising, as this is the top issue in the startup world as a whole, regardless of Boston.
  2. Keep talent here in Boston. This can mean finding internships for local college students, keeping them here after they graduate (half of which is making sure people actually want to stay here vs. going to SF; the other half is related to improved immigration laws post college) or keeping a growing company here (making sure the next Facebook doesn’t leave).
  3. Create more affordable office space. Many have complained about the sky-rocketing rent in places like Kendall Square — which just two years ago was the place to be for any startup. Today, you see more companies moving to places like Downtown Crossing and the Leather District (if not WeWork).
  4. Create a better environment for consumer companies. Some think this is a big deal, and that not having one or two pillar consumer companies here hurts the growth and potential of future consumer startups (the biggest knock being that if you want to work on consumer, go to SF). Others don’t care as much and say that those who want to solve “the hard problems” stay here.

Do you agree with these four?