Hello Bank of America. I’ve been a customer for a long time. Since 1993 in fact, when I first moved to St. Louis. In those days online banking wasn’t a real viable option. I actually opened an account at Boatmen’s Bank at that time, but you acquired them sometime later and my account was absorbed like many others.

I sent this note to you via one of your forms in your online banking app, but I have no confidence it will result in any meaningful change. Why do I say this? Let me count the reasons.

1. Communication. I used to be able to send you an email via my banking app but you shut off that option. Now my only option is to call and wait on hold. The hold times are quite long and inconvenient with many voice prompts that never seem to fit the categories I want to talk about. And I’m tired of talking with your AI robots. I can’t even schedule time for a call like I can in most business relationships. No, I have to wait for you like I’m in a doctors office. I don’t have that kind of time. …


Dave Gray

Founder, XPLANE. Author, The Connected Company and Gamestorming http://xplaner.com

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