They say every country gets the leader it deserves. That’s why I’m no longer proud to be an American.
No Longer Proud….
Joy Saint James

Don’t let the pains of today hurt your hopes of the future. Every great victory smells of defeat at some point.

America is the country that helped define and revolutionize government for the people. You are still the people and you can still do something. It’s so important that you don’t turn your back on your country, or more importantly, the person who did not vote for the same person as you. If you worry people were uninformed – focus on finding messages that break through the partisan wall and inform them. If you feel that there’s a great deal of hate, overwhelm those around you with love to encourage that love in return.

Trump’s rise is by no means a revolution. He took advantage of a crutch in civil society, and may have had some help along the way, but yours is the revolutionize. Never give up on the people you share synanogogues, mosques, libraries, stadiums or roads with. Find where you agree and vow to support each other in making it through the partisan screaming match with both sides warping the truth.

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