The Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

I’ve been an Amazon FBA Private Label seller for a few years now. The best products to sell on Amazon FBA Private Label are going to have certain characteristics.

My basic guidelines for finding the best products to sell on Amazon FBA private label:

  • Is the product lightweight, small, and easy to carry? Small, lightweight products are easier to ship both from China (or whatever country) to Amazon and then ultimately to the end user. I aim for products under 1 pound/45kgs. This creates low shipping costs.
  • Is the product non-electronic? Electronics often come with headaches as they are returned often, have extensive FAQs, and can sometimes be dangerous. I prefer simple products that require little-to-no explanation of use beyond maintenance and minor setup.
  • Is the product non-consumable? Consumable products, like supplements and liquids, can also cause a lot of headaches for many of the same reasons that electronics do. While yes, supplements can be some of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA private label in terms of volume, subscribability, and popularity, some of the regs you’ll need to get around — both with Amazon and the FDA! — can be troublesome.
  • Is the product made of a material that’s considered “high-grade”? Leather, stainless steel, and wood all give the best products to sell on Amazon FBA a certain quality that not only makes them stand out from the rest of the pack, but allows you to mark them up considerably.

There are a few categories that I like to stick with. I find that the products in these categories often the meet the requirements for some of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA private label.

My favorite product categories:

  • Kitchen and dining. This is my favorite category by far. Not only is there a ton of products to choose from, but according to Jungle Scout’s sales estimator tool, it’s also the category that gets the most sales overall. A lot of kitchen products meet the above requirements for the best products to sell on Amazon FBA private label.
  • Sports and outdoors. While this category doesn’t get as much traffic as Kitchen and Dining, it does have a lot of cool products to choose from.
  • Toys and games. I’m a huge board game nerd. And Amazon is an awesome place to launch games. Believe it or not, the infamous card game Cards Against Humanity is actually an Amazon FBA private label product!

If you’d like to learn more about selling on Amazon FBA Private Label, I offer a free report titled How to Find Profitable Products on Alibaba to Sell on Amazon (… in 10 Minutes or Less)