Very unusual day for me. I had nothing to do. Nothing. I accomplished a few things around the house, but even those things could have waited. I imagine it was what God meant when he came up with that whole Sabbath thing. So I wasted three hours watching Louisville football lose…again. I sat on a swing outside and watched the trees blow for 15 minutes. That’s embarrassing to say, but it’s true. I even walked around my house twice, looking at the foundation, roof, windows, etc. I don’t really know why. It just seemed like what a homeowner ought to do from time to time.

So this all got me wondering. Some days are so busy we just can’t fit everything in. That’s the norm, isn’t it? And every now and then one of those days pops up like I had today. Nada happening. Well, consider this. Regardless of whether you are on overload or bored out of your mind, are there some things you should do every single day? I believe there are, and when your head hits the pillow at night if these things have received your attention I believe you are better off for them. If you have skipped them your day might have been wasted.

Love. This is an all-inclusive word, but here I’m talking about speaking love, telling the people you love the most that you love them. Notice that the words “text” or “post” is no where in that sentence. Eyeball to eyeball, heart to heart; I love you. If you’re a dude and can’t dredge up your emotions, get past it. If you’re a chick and are waiting on them to tell you first, get over it. One thing I’ve learned in my life is I would give all I have to say “I love you” to the people who aren’t here anymore. I don’t lose opportunities anymore. And sure, if text or post or something called a “phone” is all you have available, that will work as a substitute. “I love you honey, more every day.”

Pray. Thinking about praying doesn’t count. Nor does that “I pray while I’m driving down the road” or “while I’m out on the lake.” I’ll grant you this — that’s living in God’s presence. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. In order to really pray, I have to STOP doing what I’m doing so that God receives all my attention. Please don’t do that if you are on the same road I am! To pray means to get somewhere alone and to audibly voice your thoughts to God. It doesn’t have to be long; it just has to be real. No matter what I accomplished today, if I did not pray I lost the day. Today He heard my thanks, my confessions, and my plea for His intervention in things I cannot do on my own.

Yield. Here’s the deal — if I want “A” and you want “B”, unless it’s downright sinful, it does wonders for me if I agree to “B”. Not with an attitude. Not with a guilt trip. Not with an expectation that next time it better be my way. But it reminds me what it must be like to be Jesus. So I really try, at least once, to give in to someone every single day. Think of the yield sign. Sometime every day yield to another person. My wife is a pro at it.

Repent. That’s not a word we hear much about nowadays, but not a day goes by that this should not happen in your life. In the Bible it has a double meaning; first it means to change your mind about something. Then secondly, it means to act out what you changed your mind about. It can have a negative flair to it, and a positive. For example, positive repentance is to ask God if there is something He wants you to be doing that you are not currently doing. Then start doing it! Negative repentance is to ask God if there is something I am currently doing that He would want me to stop. Then stop doing it! Since none of us ever reach perfection, we should enter the state of repentance every day. What would God tell you to start doing? Stop doing? If you ignore that your day was wasted.

Laugh. Did you hear about that guy who was staying in a Kentucky hotel? He called down to the front desk and said, “I gotta leak in my sink.” The clerk said, “Go ahead.” Was that mature? No. But it was funny. Go out of your way to laugh. Lighten up a bit. At the very least, smile. Even on my saddest days, and I’ve had my share lately, I look for or create opportunities to laugh. It stops the bleeding once in awhile. Don’t have anything to laugh about? Go look in a mirror.