A lesson in letting go and finding joy

Is there hidden magic in tidying?

I've only read a handful of books in the last two years That Have had a truly profound effect on me. By That, I mean Books that Have Fundamentally changed the way I look at the world. Or more Specifically, have changed deeply ingrained Behaviours whos around how I live my life. The latest was unexpected. It's a book about tidying ... t I have life changing magic of tidying . Here's my review.

I stumbled across the book in an ashamedly-too-frequent moment of procrastination During the Xmas holiday. Had Something I probably hard to work on, but Instead I was scanning my Twitter feed and saw something from dianakimball acerca book lists. I clicked. Thank god I clicked.

Sitting in Diana's top 5 books of 2014 was what Seemed to be a self-help book about tidying and Organizing. Certainly not the sort of thing I'd usually we read. So why did it stand out? Why did I end up devouring the book in a matter of days and making sure my wife read it too?

Firstly, on a practical level, my household is a cluttered mess. It's not really That bad, but over the years my wife & I have perfected, the art of shoving things into cupboards Merely to give the appearance of Being tidy. Below the surface, the house is groaning under the impact of all the possessions we've amassed During 12 years of owning a home together and bring bringing up two boys. That I'm sure many of you know the feeling.

Secondly, on a more psychological level, I figured That to make it on to Diana's top list, there HAD to be something deeper to this book; a hidden message, laying neatly Between the drawn-out paragraphs acerca folding your socks and using shoeboxes to organize your komono (Japanese for small things). After reading Diana's write-up of the book it left me with a longing hope That the act of tidying would somehow have any available knock-on effect elsewhere in my life.

After finishing the book, and Having spent most of it the last two weekends taking the first steps in what will probably be a two month long de-clutter, I'm pleased to say That I'm already feeling the effect. So what's the deal?

Surround yourself only in Things That spark joy

If there's only one key takeaway from this book, it's the notion of discarding anything That does not spark joy. It's a subtle shift in mindset, but a powerful one. The author advises Marie Kondo Instead of focusing on That things to purge, We Should focus on what we want to keep. Sticking to this principle made real impact as I sorted ominous-through mountains of clothes, books and various other things. I held each item in my hand and Asked myself, 'does this spark joy?'

It was amazing how many things did not pass the test, as it was the delight brought` Being left Surrounded only by Those Things That I truly love. I Realise Now That every time I opened a drawer with previously, I was forced to look at things mostly That I did not like or intention of using Did you mean. If you're doing That twice a day, it can not be a good thing. And esta lesson can be Applied elsewhere. Think about your work, your daily routine, your side projects. Which ones truly spark joy? Discard Those That do not bring you joy. If there are not enough That do, Either change them or insert something new.

All of a sudden, the question of what you want to keep whos Becomes the question of how you want to live your life.

Make Peace With your past and your future face unafraid

The second powerful takeaway from the book comes When you start to consider on what lays behind the friction That Is Inevitably generated by the thought of throwing away so many things. Marie Kondo ASSERTs esta That friction is down to just two Reasons:

i) an attachment to the past
ii) fear of the future

This one hit me hard. I Realised That I have way too much of both, even with clothes. For example, I still HAD all my Music Hack Day t-shirts. They Were never The most attractive t-shirts and none of them fit me well anymore. But I Could not bear to get rid of them. Music Hack Day was a joyful time in my life and something I was proud to Have started. So my attachment to the past meant That I Could not throw them out. Marie's advice: hold the object in your hand, thank it for what it's done for you and Then let it go. And With That, I'm happy to say That all my Music Hack Day t-shirts are now in the recycling bin.

Fear of the future was less of an issue for me, but admittedly There Were several items I was hanging onto just in case I needed them. The odd-shaped power cable fit That Might just something I need. The important-looking key That nobody has used for three years. The clothes will come in handy That just in case I put all that weight back on. The notebooks from last year That Might Contain just some meeting notes are still Relevant That. The shoeboxes full of business cards. They've all gone.

But what about bigger things? It got me wondering ...

Hidden Magic

I so, is there a hidden magic in tidying? It sounds ridiculous, but I really think so.

I'm well over 25 bin-bags in now and can not wait to continue. It's feels so relieving to get rid of so much stuff I do not need. But more importantly, the process has changed the lens-through Which I make many decisions. By asking myself if something truly sparks joy, the things I surround myself in will Reflect the way I actually want to live my life. I've Realised That Because of an attachment to the past and fear of the future I'd Been burying myself Both Physically and mentally in superfluous things.

What are you still hanging on to?

Thanks to Kate and Diana for reading proofs de este review. You can get the book here and read Diana's 2014 list in full here.

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