Preload, Prefetch And Priorities in Chrome
Addy Osmani

I’m really not sure what i think of all this. I mean, you are showing examples where sites are using 3 different fonts (for bold, italic and normal… what the heck?!).

You also show a site which uses at least 19… nineteen(!!!1) javascript files. Sure you are wondering why the heck this loads so slow. Then you are looking for ways to improve the performanc (you should really check out this comment function. i’m to lazy to look into it, but it has a delay and seems to be really slow).

OK, i have to admit that this articles contains useful informations. But those problems don’t even have to exist if webdesigners would think twice before using fonts and script in masses… from external servers. Then 95–100% of all Top 1000-Websites wouldn’t even have to think about preloading.

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