The Tech Story Is Over
John Battelle

When I first started my career in technology — in 1988 — I was one of a few scattered geeks proselytizing for technology within a large accounting and consulting firm that was just implementing their first word processors and PCs. Of course much had come before but it was still pre-Internet and pre-ad tech.

I eagerly read Stewart Alsop and Robert X Cringely, followed Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Scott McNealy and it was like politics and religion.

Maybe I was naive but back then it wasn’t only about ‘exits’, it was evangelical and Moore’s law was in full effect. It was still hobbyism, but big business. We cared about computing platforms. It was new all the time. It was still hard to code. There was still a priesthood. But it had a fun consumer edge to it. Always something new to buy that was better, always productivity improvements. It was fun.

What will replace that? Radical Environmentalism? Revised capitalism?

Could our next advancements make it easier for us to enjoy what we have built? That would be truly revolutionary.