Introducing Growbox app to tell yourself you’re awesome, repeatedly.

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What are positive affirmations?

  • Short sentences
  • Excludes negative statements such as no, not, don’t etc.
  • Always in the present tense
  • Directed towards self.

How does this help?

  • Repeating affirmations change how we think.
  • It impacts our actions as they’re manifested by our thoughts
  • Positive affirmations are to mind what exercise is to body

15 Git commands to make you a know-it-all Git pro!

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You’re here to learn Git commands? You’ve landed on the correct page!

If you are a developer and don’t know anything about Git, I advice you to have a read through this article — New Developer? You should’ve learned Git yesterday.

Before going ahead, I assume you know why we use Git. As this article will guide you on how to use Git on the terminal.

Many people come to me and ask me to teach them Git. But first things first, according to my experience, Git can only be learned by actually managing a repository.

Just like how we cannot learn how to ride a bicycle by reading or listening about…

Structuring your web-application to accept Payments via CCAvenue

Does it fit?

Having recently integrated CCAvenue Payment Gateway into my Node + Angular Application, I felt the need to share my experiences as there is a lack of technical help and content in this ever evolving world.

Firstly, this is not a guide on how to integrate the payment gateway, it is more to help you on how to set this up in a Node + Angular (Webpack) environment. It will define the interaction between our JavaScript App and the CCAvenue API

This article should help you integrating the NONSEAMLESS Payment Gateway

While you may find a lot of…

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