A User-Value Centric “Manifesto”

UPDATE: I have provided this as a Suggestion/Commentable Google Document. I look forward to the engagement.

I’ve been re-reading the Agile Manifesto over and over again over the last 5 years since I’ve been really pushing for Design Operations (DesignOps) and many people want to turn DesignOps into the next DevOps (which it should never be).

This is a draft I wrote while I was writing a bit on agile for my keynote DesignOps Summit happening next month in Brooklyn, NY, USA. It probably won’t make it into the presentation, but I wanted to put it out there to get reactions from people.

Why “re-write” the Agile Manifesto at all?

  1. It was written by and signed by only white men. (Yes, I’m a white man, but I’d love to collaborate with anyone and everyone interested.)
  2. It’s been almost 20 years since its been written and well, for something that is about lack of rigidity it has been around a might long time. I feel we’ve learned a few things and hopefully those come through in my working list.

What’s missing from mine right now is that there are no accompanying principles. I think the 12 principles are actually more important than the Manifesto itself.

Anyway, here it is:

“We are uncovering better ways of [providing value] by doing [design] and helping others [to do design].”

“Through this work we have come to value:”

  • Asking why and who over asking how and what
  • Understanding the whole over focusing on the pieces in isolation
  • Balancing exploration with experimentation
  • Value consumption over artifact delivery
  • People & planet over technology
  • Long term sustained value over the short term gain
  • Understanding consequences over focus on possibility

Again, I’d love to hear y’alls thoughts.

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Dave Malouf is a design leader who helps teams provide the greatest value to their customers and host organizations.

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