Steps, Paths, and Destinations

Some have been stating that lots of small steps are better than chunks of larger steps. The issue I have w/ this statement is how poorly it gets interpreted. In a response to a post on this topic on Facebook I wrote the below.

Every long journey begins w/ a small step so the saying goes, but you can’t step while looking at the ground or you’ll never know if you’re headed in the right direction.

Too many companies are adopting the small step mantra without understanding the path that lay before them, or even having a destination in mind.

Just because you validated that you have designed something well, doesn’t mean You understand that you designed (and built) the right thing at all.

There is wonderful things to be gained from Lean methods and mindsets, but the prominent conversations give organizations ammo to double down on existing methodologies that focus on action over strategy. I’m finding that while there are smart people doing great work, their gospel is being warped because they speak most loudly about tactics without ever diving in to understand and create strategies.

We need to combine the two messages together. Lean tactics on top of a foundation of business and experience strategy.

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