Being in an Interaction Design program that is in it’s first run, I’m subjected to quite a bit of…
Ali Tayyebi

HI Ali,

Thank you for responding. I particularly love hearing from students. I see you study at Sheridan. Say hi to my good friend and oft partner in crime, Matt Nish-Lapidus.

First a clarification. SCAD does not have a full degree program in IxD right now. When I say in that grid, “SCAD does it this way”, I was referring to the trimester system. Dictated by the school, not my choice, though after 4 years of it I can be swayed either way now. What I would like about a Semester system is not that I take up Summer (summer is time for reflection and for internships), but rather b/c the 15weeks of a semester allow for a slower pace than the 10wks of a trimester.

I think you’re biggest critique is in where I put programming. Personally, I can live w/o programming completely. Why? Because I see IxD more closely connected to service design and information architecture than to interactive design, etc. But this is also about what’s your focus for you. I can see moving it around of course, but every time you move one thing you have to move something else, no? Make the chart and start moving things. Assume you only get 3 classes per cell and keep it a trimester system.

Sure! add another internship if you like. Go crazy! I have no qualms with that at all. I don’t think it is necessary, but it can’t hurt.

As for English & Math. A designer is only as good as he can communicate. Language is the main way to communicate in the world. Even if you draw everything, you’ll have to speak about it and quite honestly you’ll have to write from time to time, too. The Math? Well, the world is built on numbers. You have to understand numbers and be able to manipulate them to live in this world at some point. Proficiency with business math I think is a requirement of being a professional citizen.

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