Where Do We Put The UX Tasks?
John Cutler

Hi John, a few thoughts and then a question:

  1. What if it wasn’t a UX (separate team) activity but just the product team?
  2. What if there were two streams that product worked on that were parallel and independent? Discovery & Delivery.

It feels too much like the tracking system is trying to define the work steam, instead of the work steam suggesting how we should be tracking things. This makes in all 3 scenarios design work fit your agile and ticketing system needs (designed for development activities) instead of having a system that is holistically designed based on “value-streams” that respects the difference in working models of the different activities.

Last thought: “shippable” feels like a wrong quality descriptor to define when something is done. Shouldn’t ”valuable” be what is done and metrics for what is valuable and how we will know it be in the work description.

The idea of shippable is to have a unit of learning. But deployable code isn’y the only viable unit of learning. In a lean context, a designed simulation that has no code is as valuable as code from a learning perspective.

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