I found myself thinking about this in terms of storytelling.
Will Sykora

How can I not love this to death? Thanx!!!

I also like the Star Wars example. Even though it is episodic it had to create an entire universe from the get go w/ a big back story.

But even w/ that unlike Star Trek, they let the Universe go for too long, and had to declare what was “canon” and what wasn’t before proceeding with Ep VII. Thus, reining in what you described from Lost.

Marvel (Avengers more so than X-Men) is also a universe approach that is both holistic and episodic and quite agile at the same time. Done beautifully. Ok, except for both Hulk movies, but they were early on.

Thanx for this so much!

Are you familiar w/ storymapping as expressed by Jeff Patton. Also, I like Donna Lichaw’s take as well. Both help with this problem while allowing for the episodes to flow. I think my issue is that when transferred into scrum-like Agile the parts are still evaluated decontextualized. So you plan against the story, but you don’t evaluate against it.

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