Sidebars to The User’s Journey

Ya know the “extras” on your DVD/BluRay? Things like the deleted scenes, or making of and stuff like that, well wouldn’t it be great if books had that too? Books end up with a ton on the cutting room floor so wouldn’t it be cool to see what we all missed?

Donna Lichaw wrote this great book, The User’s Journey. While writing it, she asked some folks to write short sidebars for the book as related to specific chapters. However, as noted before, not everything written makes it into the book and these great sidebars didn’t make it. So after the book came out we thought it would be great to add these bits here so you have access.

Building Narrative Context With Image Sets 
by Senongo Akpem

The Shape of Navigation 
by Jim Kallbach

Writing The Hero’s (Integrated Marketing and Experience) Journey 
by Michael Leis

Most Valuable Story 
by Dave Malouf

Scenario’s Answer, “How Do They Use It?” 
by Chris Noessel

A Sidebar to The User’s Journey 
by Paul Rissen