Thanks Dave — great article for rumination and reflection!

Thanx for sharing. Great stuff. I’d say you are at the tip of the long nose (borrowing from Bill Buxton). I never said that developers can’t be empathetic, creative, or use vision in their work. I know many that do in part or in whole. I said that engineering is not a practice that values these things generally, but the very few orgs like yours that are pushing what I would describe as the “balance team approach” generally (I keep saying that) are pushing these elements forward. These are the rare orgs that are adding in design infusion.

I’d love an opportunity to interview you about how not only does this happen philosophically, but how it all gets operationalized. Would you be interested in interviewing (email style) for Amplify Design? We all need to hear/read about the bright spots out there to make the rest of us feel so truly jealous of y’all (I jest).

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