ReactJS App With Laravel RESTful API Endpoint Part 2
David Adelekan

Hi David,

I followed the first 2 tutorials (creating a restfull api part 1 and 2) and finished with the correct code (everything works). Then I followed part 1 of this tutorial and everything was still working as described. After finishing this tutorial the homepage is the only thing that is shown. Even when I click users or articles nothing happens, even the text homepage doesn’t change to users or articles.

Changing the Users.js back to what it was (from the first part of this tutorial) it works again (showing the texts Users and Articles when clicked upon)

So either something wrong with Users.js or the files it imports. I then copied from the bitbucket repository to make sure all imported files are the same and also the Users.js file, but still the same problem.

Any idea how to debug?


I’m using windows and cannot install fsevents, is that the reason?

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