Announcing A New Type Of Fantasy Soccer Tournament

At Fan Futsal, we’re focused on providing a different fantasy soccer experience. With our mission in mind, I’m excited to announce our new tournament feature currently under development.

Modeled after real-world tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship, our new feature will allow groups of 4, 8, 16 or 32 friends to compete in a round-robin group stage before progressing to a single-elimination knockout stage.

Screenshot of a tournament’s header and schedule

Unlike most fantasy soccer games currently available, our tournaments won’t last only a day or week, but they also won’t last a full 9-month long season. Since Fan Futsal games are weekly, the full tournament will last 4–7 weeks.

This allows users to run many contests throughout a league’s season if they wish or they can try tournaments featuring different leagues without feeling the need to commit themselves fully for an entire season.

Screenshot of a tournament’s group table

The tournaments will function like mini-traditional fantasy leagues where users compete head to head with all other members in their four-person group. The users who finish first and second in each group’s table (standings) move on to the single-elimination knockout rounds. The user left standing at the end of the knockout rounds is the champion.

Screenshot of a tournament’s message board (severely lacking trash talk)

Lastly (and I’d argue most importantly), what fantasy game would be complete without a message board? We’ve ensured everyone can talk as much trash as they’d like by giving every tournament its own forum.

We’re excited to roll this feature out in the coming months. We’d greatly appreciate any shares by hitting the heart button and/or sharing on other social media.

And if you’re interested in being a beta tester for this new feature, please send an email to


Watch this one and a half minute video explaining What Is Fan Futsal:

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