Simple Fantasy Soccer Is The Best Fantasy Soccer

Recently, I wrote a blog post about why Fan Futsal is the perfect complement to an NFL RedZone-style soccer channel. While that is still the case, Fan Futsal is also the perfect fantasy soccer game for fans who prefer to focus on one game at a time. Let me explain.

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Fan Futsal has a simplified fantasy lineup selection and scoring process. Users select clubs instead of individual players for their fantasy teams, and there are only three fantasy scoring elements — Goals For, Goals Against, and Results (win, loss or draw).

These scoring elements are then emphasized or deemphasized depending on the club’s position in the 5-team fantasy lineup. The scoring element ‘Goals For’ is emphasized for the striker (ST) and midfielder (MD) positions in Fan Futsal. Goals Against is emphasized for the goalkeeper (GK) and defender (DF) positions.

What this means for users: when they are watching a match, they can keep up with their Fan Futsal performance without taking too much focus off their preferred match. Without changing the channel from the Manchester United-Arsenal game, users can quickly calculate how they’re faring overall in an EPL Fan Futsal fantasy game. As the scores of other matches scroll across the screen, that user is immediately able to understand what those other match scores mean for their Fan Futsal team.

As an example, if you were watching the Liverpool 6–1 beatdown of Watford in November 2016 and didn’t want to change the channel, you could stay tuned in to the Liverpool match and not miss out on the Fan Futsal experience.

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Say you had Southampton at DF and Manchester United at ST in your Fan Futsal lineup. As scores from those matches scrolled across the bottom of the Liverpool match you’re watching, you would know that Hull scoring twice on Southampton had a negative effect on your fantasy team, while Man U pumping in three goals was great for your fantasy team.

There’s no reason to shift your attention and focus off the Liverpool vs Watford match if you don’t want to. The simplified scoring system is a compelling reason why Fan Futsal is such a unique and great game for soccer fans who may or may not have played fantasy soccer before.

Fan Futsal is a free (for now) weekly fantasy game, so there’s no reason not to try it out. It’s easy to sign up, enter a game, pick a lineup, and follow along. There’s no season-long commitment and no financial risk.

Sign up now and start playing today on It’s a fantasy soccer experience unlike anything else.

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