What The #&*@ Is Fan Futsal?

I’m glad you asked. You came to the right place. Here’s the short answer: Fan Futsal is a simplified fantasy soccer game designed to increase your enjoyment and decrease your confusion while playing fantasy soccer.

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I know… what does that really mean? Well, in Fan Futsal, you select five clubs for your fantasy team instead of 8 to 11 individual players. The only scoring elements are: goals scored, goals conceded, and the result of the match. To track how you’re doing each week, you only need to follow match scores, not individual, obscure statistics.

Though the scoring and lineup selection is simplified, Fan Futsal retains the strategic elements that make fantasy soccer enjoyable, including arranging your fantasy team in different positions and/or formations. An easier to understand fantasy soccer game that still has strategy:

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No more worrying about player injuries or lineup rotation

No more keeping track of tedious stats across multiple matches at the same time

No more needing to do hours of research to perform consistently well

No more having the odds stacked against you because you don’t have an advanced statistical model or automated program to make your lineup selections for you

You’re free to play and actually enjoy fantasy soccer. It’s liberating.

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With our simplified game, you can expand your knowledge and interest in your favorite leagues without feeling the pressure to do hours of research. You can even play leagues you know little about to start to become more knowledgeable. Or if you’re not really into soccer and are looking for a way to learn more about it, Fan Futsal is the perfect way to get your feet wet.

It only takes a few seconds to sign up and our games are weekly, so there’s no long-term commitment. Visit Fan Futsal now and experience a new way to play fantasy soccer.

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If you need more clarity, check out our one and a half minute explainer video:


Originally published at fanfutsal.com.