Moving Hard Knox Life to Medium

Since 2008, I have been blogging using Wordpress on It has been one of the enriching professional experiences as it gave me a forum for public discussion of thoughts I had on the future of marketing, digital and technology. But over the past few years, my posting on the site has gone down significantly. Part of that has been a general lack of time between Rockfish, The Brandery and my now 3 year old twins.

But the other driver that decreased my drive to post was a feeling that blogging was becoming a bit stale. When I first started blogging, RSS was central to the experience and I often found almost instantaneous engagement in the comment section as soon as I published my post. However, RSS never really took off beyond a core group and in 2013, Google decided to shut down their Google Reader product because of this fact. While I’m personally still a loyal user of the RSS tool Feedly, I know more and more people that have turned to Facebook, Twitter, and other channels for their content discovery.

It is no coincidence that with the demise of Google Reader, we have seen the rise of a new set of content creation tools that are built of the principles of the social web. Instead of relying on a new behavior such as subscribing to RSS, they are integrating into your social network to allow your content to reach people who are already engaging with you.

It is with that in mind that I have decided to switch the domain over to Medium for publishing. A few months ago I started posting some of my top blog posts from the years onto Medium, as well a starting an official publication. So if you’d like to keep seeing my posts on Hard Knox Life, you can:

The custom domain of will redirect over to Medium starting in the next few weeks as well.